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Seminar on Business

Workshop on Successful Entrepreneur

Unemployment is one of the significant problems in present Bangladesh. The working population of the total population of the country is about 6 million. About 20% of the working population is unemployed or half-jobless. That is our country of about 2.5 million unemployed Bangladesh. The total unemployment in our country is higher than the total …

Mental Health Seminar at CTG (3)

Workshop on Mental health and depression

A workshop on mental health and depression was held at the corner this morning in association with Volunteers of Bangladesh(VBD). We extend our gratitude to Life Coach Bangladesh Counselors who shared their valuable time and an in depth understanding of mental health, mental illness and depression. The participants had a better understanding of mental health, …

POD Seminar at Life Coach BD

Seminar on Print on Demand

One of the most popular online income media of today is Print on Demand (POD). In a short time, print on demand business can make a lot of money. Put, the POD business model is such that you can design different products such as T-shirts, mugs, jewelry, etc. in Bangladesh, and the company or marketplace …


Smart Parenting

Life Coach Bangladesh Successfully organised Seminar on Smart Parenting . The impact and depth of parenting is very important from the beginning of a person’s life. And the most important thing about parenting is the family-parent relationship of a family. A good understanding of parent-child relationships makes it easy for children to grow up properly.


Workshop on Life Mapping & Anxiety Disorders

Whenever there is a change in life, emotional stress is felt without being able to cope with it. Stress is always a bad idea, but not right because good pressure helps you be more focused and punctual. But whenever someone goes through extra stress, family and social relationships start to deteriorate, along with physical disadvantages. …