Bangladesh experienced a tremendous transformation in the last couple of years. Now the country known next Asian Tiger among the Asian nations as no other country in the continent has grown as much as it recorded. Bangladeshi economy is extremely dynamic. The economy grew 8.13 percent last year which is unparalleled in Asian countries. Unfortunately, mental health facilities are grossly inadequate in our country despite the growing number of people with mental health issues. This is the time that issues like mental health should thoroughly investigate and the reasons behind them to be resolved. Around 11,000 people commit suicide in Bangladesh every year. Millions of people suffer from mental illness but for stigma, many of them from seeking out for effective treatments.

By this account, on average 172 people commit suicide in each district. The numbers were showing an upward trend. Day by day, the country’s population is increasing but a rational number o mental health professionals are not creating to help the people who will be going through mental struggling. This alarming situation inspires Life Coach Bangladesh to take a big step to create a number of Psychosocial Counselors to help and overcome the situation. The initiative will be executed with a strategic yearlong plan. Based on two offices in Dhaka and Chattogram. Life Coach Bangladesh will operate with a team of 25 members. With this experienced dynamic team, they will organize workshops physically and virtually to literate people about mental health care and how they should respond and overcome mental health-related issues.